'Magic Wall' Dumps John King

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Update: John King disputes the New York Post's account in a response to Politico: "Ms. Palmeri's latest fantasy is again full of fiction. There was no wall malfunction. No reprimand from Phil Kent and no warning from Jim Walton. There was one moment while in NY where I voiced frustration after some problems at the top of the show, but in typical fashion it's completely distorted in the NY Post."

After two years of being poked and caressed by John King, his trademark "magic wall" plotted a little revenge. The touch-screen device unleashed a flurry of technical errors, malfunctioned, and fizzled out. And—knowing how to push the anchor's buttons—the magic wall chose to do so when King was overworked only a few days before the election. Reacting like most people do when their buggy, insubordinate office computer crashes, King apparently shouted "I wish I brought a gun to work" before a "meltdown" occurred and he stormed out of the network's offices.

The gossipy account, gleefully reported by The New York Post's Page Six, also quotes insider sources who were happy to fill in the details on the breakup. "People were tired of his hothead antics, so this is a blow to him," said one source. The device, first made famous during the 2008 election coverage, was a staple on the struggling network, as were Princess Leia-style hologram reporters and middling ratings.

Instead of focusing on their ugly split, let's recall John King and magic wall at the height of their romance:

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