Lunchtime Vid: 5 Years of Punditry Set to 'We Didn't Start the Fire'

Bloggingheads celebrates its anniversary with some labor-intensive editing

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The Atlantic Wire has featured plenty of Bloggingheads content in the past. It's right up our alley, after all: pundits gleefully and civilly going at each other over the top topics of the day. So it only seems fair to pass this along, too. To celebrate a five-year anniversary, Bloggingheads editors have stitched together dozens upon dozens of snippets from past debates, creating a Bloggingheads, twenty-first century version of Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire--and it actually rhymes. Sometimes.

Our contribution: a companion treasure hunt/viewing guide. Some things to watch for:

  • Rhymes  Rhyming Reverend Wright with The Dark Knight, AIPAC with "drone attacks," "empathy" with Kennedy, Fort Hood with Tiger Woods.
  • Reihan Salam Intent on Matters of Great Import  Extra points if you can spot a frame in which the fast-talking, frenetically-reading conservative commentator does not have his brow deeply furrowed.
  • Nice Accessorizing  A guest with American flags stuck in her hair.
  • Friends of the Wire  The Atlantic Wire's very own former editor at large makes an appearance.
  • Lady Gaga  Yup, she comes up, too (verbally--don't get your hopes up).

Happy anniversary, Bloggingheads!