Keith Richards vs. Mike Huckabee

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We haven't read Keith Richards's autobiography, mainly because we were confident this spoiler-heavy Maureen Dowd column thoroughly documented every one of Richards' grievances. This, as it turns out, was incorrect. Richards also takes aim at other, non-Mick Jagger targets in the book, including former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. Huckabee's crime? Pardoning Richards for a 1975 reckless driving charge.

The pardon came in 2006, just as Huckabee--a Rolling Stones die-hard--was about to leave office. Huckabee first broached the subject with Richards backstage before a Stones concert in Little Rock in 2006. And while a pardon from the governor--even largely honorary ones three decades after the fact--are generally viewed as a good thing, Richards says Huckabee only issued the pardon to further his "political ambitions."

Richards even managed to sneak in one last dig at Huckabee's own musical prowess, noting that the former Arkansas governor, "[T]hinks of himself as a guitar player," adding, "I think he even has a band."

Hopefully the ghost of Jim Morrison is a little nicer to Charlie Crist.

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