Joel McHale Swigs Scotch, Stares Down 'Today Show' Hosts

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Joel McHale, star of NBC's Community and host of the E! snark-parade The Soup, has spent a fruitful six years saying snide things on television. For his appearance on the Today Show Thursday morning, he didn't mess with the formula. Fourth-hour Today Show hosts Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford have been targets of McHale's in the past, and when they brought him on for an interview, he stood by his record.

KOTB: Why do you continue to mock our show?

McHALE: Have you seen your show?

McHale was swilling from a bottle of (alleged) single-malt scotch at the time, which is a wink to a Today Show tradition, as's Kelsea Stahler helpfully explains: "The ongoing joke about hosts Hoda Kotb and Kathy Lee Gifford is that they get up the courage to 'entertain' us with an entire hour of inane banter by getting a little toasty first." Kotb and Gifford indulge McHale here, joining him for a drink and twitting him about Community's recent extra-episode order. "Why?" wonders Gifford. "Why was that picked up?" McHale shakes his head, mock-sorrowfully: "I don't need to tell you."

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