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It recently occurred to us that, while we enjoy Pat Sajak's blog posts on payroll taxes and Rahm Emanuel's penchant for vulgarity, we'd get a lot more out of them if we knew what the Wheel of Fortune host was wearing. Perhaps sensing our restlessness, Sajak posted this message to his Twitter account.

Wearing shoes again today. (Sorry, this WikiLeaks thing still has me frightened.)less than a minute ago via web

For those who don't get the joke--and we didn't for a while--it is a continuation of a Humorous Comedy Gag Sajak started yesterday about his reluctance to tweet personal information, lest it catch the eye of WikiLeaks, a noted jewel thief.

As of post time, there is no word from Peggy Noonan as to whether the shoe in question in a brown cordovan.

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