Harvard-Yale Football Game Thinks It's Too Good For Vuvuzelas

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Fiddle-de-dee, Harvard and Yale are playing each other in football for the127th time this weekend in Cambridge. It's not the PapaJohns.com Bowl, but there's tradition there.

Which is why the Harvard Department of Athletics (Crimsonese for 'athletic department') has banned vuvuzelas from Saturday's game. The school's Undergraduate Council (which is either some sort of peer-advising board or a group of highly-paid sophomore assassins) originally made the recommendation to prohibit the plastic horns that so vexed viewers of this summer's World Cup.

But what about the old saying, if you outlaw vuvuzelas, only outlaws (and Dartmouth) will have vuvuzelas?

"There are going to be a lot of alums at the game, and it would tarnish their experience," an Undergraduate Council representative told The Crimson.

This is true. It's all fun-and-games until someone gets their ears boxed.

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