Happy Hour Vid: Glenn Beck Salutes Departing Mediaite Editor

Unlike most, she is "not an animal"

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Glynnis MacNicol, an editor at Mediaite, is leaving for a post at Business Insider. The Mediaite team asked Glenn Beck to tape a farewell message for MacNicol, in part because the site has covered Beck so extensively in the past. Beck agreed, and as seen in the 73-second clip below, he makes the occasion into a distinctly Beckian affair.

"I'm offended!" Beck begins. "I'm offended that once in a while, somebody will ask me to do something, and they'll say 'Oh no no no, Glenn'll never do it without some sort of cheap promotion, or something like that." Here Beck brandishes his new book, Broke, at the camera, just in front of a large placard also promoting Broke. "And I have to tell you, it really--it hacks me off."

Beck goes on to say of MacNicol: "She's leaving, and she's been like one of the only halfway decent people to me. Everybody else, they're just animals. Animals! Glynnis? Not an animal ... Because she's written some halfway decent or accurate stories about me, I would assume she's either going to prison or she's finally getting that medical treatment she's needed for oh so very long. Glynnis--we'll miss you."

And that's that. Maybe this is too much to hope, but we wonder if Beck could ever be persuaded to send off a member of the Wire staff, should it come to that. After all, we've mentioned him a time or two on this site as well.

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