Happy Hour Vid: Folk Hero Defiantly Declares, 'Dont Touch My Junk'

John Tyner bravely fought back against creepy TSA body scans

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With four little words--"don't touch my junk"--John Tyner went from anonymous everyman to celebrated folk hero to all those who'd like to get on a plane without having their genitals seen or fondled. Tyner was trying to catch his flight from San Diego when he refused to go through the Advanced Imaging Technology machines that allow a TSA agent to pretty much see your naked body. He then refused to let an agent sweep his hand over Tyner's crotch, and, naturally, captured the whole incident on his cell phone.

On Fox News, Tyner explained why he wouldn't let his junk be touched, and that he hopes to inspire others to film their encounters with would-be gropers at the airport.

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