Cookie Monster Wants to Host SNL

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Sesame Street knows how to slyly wink at the parents who plop their kids in front of the show. Recently the Street assigned Grover to spoof the Old Spice guy, took a veiled swipe at "Pox News," possibly hinted that Bert and Ernie might be gay and tried—and inevitably failed—to integrate Katy Perry into an episode. So, it's really no surprise that long-time fan favorite Cookie Monster has revealed plans for his "logical" step: hosting Saturday Night Live. The strange part, however, is that the monster makes a pretty compelling case.

The four minute clip, debuting on the official Sesame Street Tumblr, includes Cookie Monster attempting several variety show sketches set to the tune and pace of the venerable live comedy show. And, to be honest, his lead joke is pretty much par for what's regularly seen on the real SNL (cue gravelly voice): "Thank you, yeah, it's great to be here hosting Saturday Night Live! Blah Blah Blah, Cookie Joke, Cookie Joke, Cookie Joke...We've got a great show so stick around we'll be right back."

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