Charlie Sheen's Puzzling Extortion Countersuit

After being accused of battery, Sheen sues Capri Anderson for blackmail

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It's a bit suspicious that nearly a month after Charlie Sheen's infamous Plaza Hotel meltdown, Capri Anderson (the porn star found in his trashed hotel room) is only now suing him for battery and false imprisonment. Then again, Sheen hardly deserves the benefit of the doubt: he has a long and well-documented history of relationships ending in domestic abuse allegations.

In any event, Sheen is now countersuing Anderson, accusing her of extorting him for $1 million and stealing his $165,000 Patek Philippe watch. "These allegations against Mr. Sheen are completely false, and are a blatant attempt to cash in on his celebrity," Sheen's lawyer said Monday. The blogs attempt to sort out this messy affair:

  • Anderson Tells Her Side of the Story in an interview with ABC News:

  • Anderson's Actions Seem a Bit Strange, notes Robert Weller at The Huffington Post:

Adult film actress Capri Anderson told Good Morning America on Monday that she planned to file a criminal and civil complaint against the star of Two And A Half Men for assault and false imprisonment. It stems from a rowdy night in a New York City hotel, a fairly common occurrence where Sheen is concerned.

So far, at least, no... warrant has been issued for his arrest. Of course Anderson actually hasn't filed her complaint so leaking it to the media was putting the cart before the horse a bit.

FACT: No woman should be subject to violent and abusive behavior, even if said woman is a porn star who was hired as an escort by Charlie Sheen.

OPINION: There is something genuinely ill-considered about accepting $3,500 for “a date” with notoriously menacing and drug abusing Charlie Sheen at a New York restaurant and later his hotel. Particularly right after he reportedly dropped his pants and demanded sex in the restaurant bathroom with “a white powdery substance all over his face” and was “fairly intoxicated.”

  • I'm With Charlie, writes Jeralyn at TalkLeft:

Ugly allegations all around. I don't believe Anderson. Her story seems to grow daily. I won't be surprised to see criminal extortion charges brought. Charlie Sheen is the highest paid actor on TV and insists he won't pay Anderson a dime. Good for him.

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