Charlie Crist Is Also A Movie Monster

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It's said any publicity is good publicity, which is true, except when the publicity compares you to a murderous movie monster. Then it's kind of a mixed bag. On the one hand you have Charlie Crist, who was undoubtedly thrilled to hear a Republican operative, speculating on his future career plans in The St. Petersburg Times, liken Crist to "the Jason character on Friday the 13th. You're never sure he's really dead and won't keep showing up again in bad sequels." After losing a senate race by 20 points, it's comforting to know a sequel is on the horizon. Same with Harry Reid, whom John Kerry favorably compared to Dracula after his win over Sharron Angle earlier this week. Reid returns to the Senate a conquering hero, and will probably start wearing a cape.

Less helpful was Joe Biden's proclamation last week in Cleveland that a vote GOP gubernatorial candidate John Kasich was a vote to bring back Freddy Krueger. That Kasich still won despite the Vice President of the United States likening him to a deformed murderer who lives in your dreams speaks to the enormity of the Republican wave this election cycle. Sen. Judd Gregg also invoked the Nightmare on Elm Street villain, saying Democratic gains in the House would be like "the return of Freddy Krueger." (He also included a helpful first paragraph explaining the origins of Halloween, which was invented in olden times.)

It should be noted that having to deny you're a real, live witch is always bad publicity.

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