5 Things You Didn't Know About Megyn Kelly

Fox News anchor strips down for GQ

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Megyn Kelly often sits behind a glass desk when anchoring her show on Fox News--to the delight of many viewers, who have uploaded montages of clips that showcase the best of Kelly's anatomy. Surely those fans will be delighted to know that Kelly removed much of her clothing to pose for GQ in a Q&A with Greg Veis cleverly titled "She Reports, We Decided She's Hot."

But! Kelly is no vapid talking head. She's actually kind of funny! And she has patience, too--far more patience than your humble aggregator would ever have with the apparently skeezy behavior of Brit Hume. Below, five fun facts you didn't know about Megyn Kelly:

  • She's Rebelling Against Her Liberal Professor Dad: Kelly says she wanted to leave her job as a lawyer for something that allowed her to "get her hands dirty." It appears this was an act of rebellion. "I didn't want anything that was too highbrow or elite. My dad was a college professor, and he constantly had the Ph.D. students over for these great esoteric discussions. But I wanted to be with the people, not just with the Ph.D.'s."
  • She Concedes Glenn Beck Sometimes Says Crazy Things: "I always marvel at people who hate Glenn Beck, the same way I marvel at people who hate the other prime-time hosts on the other channels. What part of the First Amendment do you have a problem with?" Kelly asks. Veis responds, "There's the First Amendment, and then there's spreading obvious misinformation." Kelly admits, "I think some of those allegations against Beck may have foundation and that some are blown up by detractors."
  • She Doesn't Mind Digging the Right: "Are you a secret Muslim?" Veis asks. "Maybe," Kelly replies.
  • Fox Skews Toward Making Money: "It's not political. Television is a service, but it's also a business. And in choosing what you're going to put on your program, you have to figure out what's going to appeal to your audience and what's going to rate."
  • She's Not Bothered by Brit Hume's Skeezy Jokes: Veis mentions that Fox commentator Brit Hume was "psyched" about rumors he was having an affair with Kelly. "I think Brit knew how preposterous it was to anyone with two nickels in between their ears," Kelly says. "The first thing he said at his retirement dinner—this big affair down in D.C. with Vice President Cheney, Fred Thompson, Brian Williams—was 'I haven't been this honored since that rumor about me having an affair with Megyn Kelly went around.' ... And then he said, 'I remember when that rumor first came out, and the Fox PR people called me and said, 'We have to tamp this down.' And I said, 'Well, do you have to tamp it down right away?'"

Around the Internet, not everyone thinks this photoshoot was the best idea:

  • What We've All Been Waiting For, Chris Rovzar celebrates at New York. The cheesecake pics aren't "very conservative for a Fox News lady! Wonder what old Rupert Murdoch thinks of that one? Oh, who are we kidding? That may not be your grandmother's Megyn Kelly, but it's probably the one your grandfather has wanted to see all along."
  • Can We Please Talk About Something Else? Frances Martel pleads at Mediaite. "She can do as she pleases when her ratings are what they are, but it’s the angle that GQ takes on her work that makes it problematic. GQ reporter Greg Veis deliberately makes the crux of his piece that she is 'hot,' and that people watch her because she is 'hot' and not because she is a good reporter. Half the interview is about how proud colleague Brit Hume apparently was of a false rumor that the two were having an affair–a not-very-interesting topic the interviewer seems to employ to create the perception– based on absolutely no evidence– that Kelly is seen as little more than an ornament in her work environment."
  • Maybe Not the Best Idea, Matt Lewis writes at Hot Air. "But while it’s not uncommon for TV personalities, commentators and even journalists to benefit from their attractiveness (hey — how do you think I made it this far?), I still can’t help but wonder if being this overtly sexy is a smart move."
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