Who Is Mad Men's Biggest Lush?

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With the possible exception of British parliament, there isn't a public forum today where people take drinking as seriously as they do on Mad Men. This is part of the program's unique charm (also: the smoking). But who is Sterling Draper Cooper Pryce's boozehound par excellence? For The Daily Beast's Kara Cutruzzula, the question was compelling enough for her to go back and track every drink consumed thus far in Season 4. She explains her reasoning:

On a show obsessed with nailing the details, each carefully poured cocktail provides insight into people barely holding their lives together. Office Manager Joan rarely drinks, so when she downs a Smirnoff neat, there’s a pretty compelling reason. And as his role at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is marginalized, Roger becomes increasingly sloshed. Peggy Olson has her own drink cart now, and she usually chooses whiskey (just like Don), which she’s comfortable sipping alone in her office. The young guns of the SCDP office—Joey, Stanley, and Danny—are the biggest social drinkers, mixing Mountain Dew and vodka and tipping back Buds in their communal area.

The leader through 12 episodes, not surprisingly, is Don Draper (Jon Hamm) with 78.5. John Slattery's Roger Sterling is a distant second with 33, while expat ad man Lane Pryce (Jared Harris) comes in third with 13. Of course, this only counts drinks on camera. And there's no telling which character tipples the most between episodes.

Not cracking the top 12: Creepy Glen.

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