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Earlier today, NPR fired news analyst Juan Williams after he publicly voiced his unease about riding on airplanes with Muslims in a discussion on Fox News. The controversial move brought a flurry of media attention, revived a discussion about political correctness in American journalism and, yes, spawned a few noteworthy tweets. Here's what Twitter had to contribute:

The mysterious mind behind @Pourmecoffee wonders what Williams' severance package includes

I hope they at least gave Juan Williams a tote bag.less than a minute ago via tGadget

Delrayser parses the implications for the network's fundraising

Now that NPR doesn't have to pay Juan Williams' salary, can they cut short the pledge drive by an hour or two?less than a minute ago via web

Brian Beutler weaves together two of this week's most pervasive memes into a voice message from the future

Hi Muslims? Howdy. Juan Williams here. Salaam aleikum. I'm just calling to see if you're ready to do the mature thing and apologize.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Mother Jones's David Corn overhears a different voice message—this one from a network-to-network holiday call

NPR to Fox News: Merry Xmas. Hope you like it.less than a minute ago via web

Thanks, Matt Lewis. We'll add this to our comprehensive investigation of the oft-used phrase

Pat Buchanan says Harry Reid needs to "man up".less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

And Nick Baumann searches for the day's silver lining

Happy thought: at least major media outlets have been ignoring Ann Coulter lately.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

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