Today's Weather Is Like The Breakfast Club

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Jonathan Erdman, an "editorial meteorologist" at The Weather Channel, would like to propose a novel model for thinking about this week's forecast: The Breakfast Club, John Hughes's iconic 1985 film about teenagers finding common ground during Saturday detention. We'll repeat that: Jonathan Erdman has written a blog post comparing this week's weather to The Breakfast Club.

No one could accuse Erdman of not being thorough. He starts out by comparing the jet stream to the ill-tempered Principal Vernon, pushing troublesome weather systems to different parts of the country and leaving them "unsupervised" to "simply loaf around." Each member of the Breakfast Club then gets its own entry in Erdman's forecast. Brisk temperatures in the Midwest and South remind Erdman of Andrew Clark, the cucumber-cool jock. Unseasonal storms out west put him in mind of the oddball Allison Reynolds. And lingering rainfall in the Northeast recalls John Bender, the moody delinquent.

As best the Wire can tell, this is the first time Erdman has attempted such a marriage of meteorology and cinema, although if and when it snows this winter, we hope he'll explain it in terms of Heathers.

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