Rush Limbaugh to Guest Star on Family Guy

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Just about every celebrity has had a cameo in Seth McFarlane's Family Guy—some in less flattering ways than others—so eventually it had to happen: Rush Limbaugh will be guest starring in this Sunday's episode. He appears to be getting a pretty fair shake, or at least he thinks so right now, from the show's gleefully envelope-pushing writers.

The episode, which was taped a year ago, is entitled "Excellence in Broadcasting" and apparently will feature El-Rushbo bantering with Peter's liberal dog Brian about politics. Limbaugh reportedly prevails on a couple of the finer points of true conservatism. And Rush appears to have taken a liking to McFarlane, conceding to his listeners that, "Yeah he's a Hollywood liberal but we get along."

Here's how Rush explains his turn on Family Guy to his radio listeners:

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