Rob Zombie: David Caruso Can't Open a Door

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Is David Caruso smart? Hollywood has been tantalized by this question ever since the actor's departure from "NYPD Blue" in 1994. On the one hand, he threw away the leading role on one of the most succesful and acclaimed television shows of all-time to star in a series of increasingly terrible movies. On the other hand, Caruso parlayed his string of duds into the leading role on CSI:Miami, where he has been making $375,000 an episode since 2002. According to White Zombie frontman-turned-filmmaker Rob Zombie, who directed Caruso in an upcoming episode of the series, the answer is no. While Caruso has apparently conquered the professional wanderlust that nearly sabotaged his career in the '90s, Zombie told Red Eye's Greg Gutfeld that the actor still struggles with tasks most actors can perform naturally. Like sitting. And driving. And opening doors.

Caruso's ability to slowly remove his sunglasses and say something that doesn't make any sense, however, remains unchallenged.

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