Paul Krugman and 'Young Frankenstein'

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We never would have pegged New York Times columnist Paul Krugman for a Mel Brooks fan. You'd think he would have been turned off by the sheer fiscal irresponsibility of Leo and Max's plan to dupe investors in The Producers. Not so. A transcribing error from a panel featuring Krugman and Marty Feldstein refers to the Harvard professor as 'Marty Feldman,' who of course is not a distinguished economist, but the man who played Igor in Young Frankenstein, Brooks's 1974 comedy classic about monsters, grave robbers and why it's funny to see people trapped in a revolving bookcase. Krugman showed his appreciation for the gaffe with a post on his New York Times blog (screen cap embedded below, for future generations) consisting of nothing but jokes from the film.

At no point, however, did Krugman offer to make espresso.

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