MSNBC, Fox News See Who Can Go 'Forward' the Farthest

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Last week, Jon Stewart pleaded with MSNBC to reconsider its newly unveiled "Lean Forward" slogan."That's what your bringing against Fox?" Stewart sighed. "Yeah, Good luck." The network had hoped that the slogan, along with a more aggressive color scheme, would help in its effort to unseat to the reigning ratings champion as a progressive alternative. Yet the first reviews from pundits were more bewildered than pleased, and some wondered when News Corp. would respond.

True to form, the Fox News marketing team has pounced on MSNBC with a blistering new ad campaign: "Move Forward." The spots airing on FOX News alternate between mocking MSNBC's rebranding and making an effort to recall the "Lean Forward" ads. "We don't stand around. We don't lean against a wall. We break the wall down. We move forward" declares a Fox News narrator.

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