Morning Vid: Rick Sanchez Tries to Explain Himself

Fired CNN anchor kick off first leg of forgiveness tour on Good Morning America

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Why did former CNN host Rick Sanchez call Jon Stewart a "bigot" and imply Jews run the media during a live radio appearance last week? Sanchez went on Good Morning America with George Stephanopoulos this morning to explain himself. This might have been a mistake. Comments about which ethnic or religious groups control which industries do not, as a rule, become more socially acceptable with added context.

That didn't stop Sanchez from trying to explain, albeit in a rather Ron Burgundy-esque fashion, what the heck he was thinking. Stewart's not a bigot, he's "the classiest guy in the world." Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, who blogged on The Huffington Post about another exchange where Sanchez made possibly anti-Semitic remarks is "a good man and a fun interview." As for implying Jews run the media, Sanchez explains he doesn't believe that, he was just letting off-steam because "my daughter had a softball game I desperately wanted to go to and I was a little impatient and, uh, I said some things I shouldn't have said."

Still left unexplained: why Sanchez is suddenly talking like Al Pacino.

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