Morning Vid: Bill O'Reilly Calls NPR a 'Far Left... Totalitarian Outfit'

Easy there Bill-O

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Bill O'Reilly has been licking his lips ever since NPR fired Juan Williams for his remarks about Muslims on Fox News. In a sense, O'Reilly  owns the story because Williams's statements happened on his show (the video soundbite has been replaying on Fox's rival networks ad nauseam). Last night O'Reilly came out guns blazing, devoting two segments to the firing. In his opening monologue, he called NPR's CEO and President Vivian Schiller "cowardly" and "stone-cold dumb." He labeled NPR a far left "totalitarian outfit" and demanded Congress cut NPR's funding (as other conservatives have) despite the fact that only 2 percent of NPR's budget comes from government sources.

For his second segment, he welcomed Juan Williams on the set (who recently received a three-year $2 million contract with Fox News). Williams threw his former employer under the bus saying NPR doesn't "have any sense of righteousness":

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