Memphis Teen Shot in Butt Over Saggy Pants

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When 45 year-old Memphian Kenneth Bonds saw two teenagers walking down the street, and noticed that their pants were baggy, he did what curmudgeonly middle-aged men have done for generations: he yelled at them to pull their pants up. But when they declined, Bonds took things one step further, pulling out a pistol and shooting one of the young men in the butt.

The Associated Press reports, "Perry says they refused [to pull up their pants], the three began arguing and Bonds brandished a pistol. The first shot missed. The teens fled, more rounds were fired and a 17-year-old was struck in the buttocks. He went to a hospital in non-critical condition."

Radley Balko calls Perry a "fashion critic." If this is Memphis-style fashion criticism, it makes even the Prada-wearing devils of New York's infamously tough fashion scene look relatively mild in comparison. In any case, we fully expect that, upon his release from prison (he was locked up for aggravated assault), Perry will have a job offer waiting for him at one of the many snark-filled fashion blogs, where he will learn that a cutting insult can do just as much damage as a well-placed bullet.

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