Kazakhstan's Unofficial 'Borat' Sequel: Behind the Scenes

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Last month we tipped readers off to the unofficial Borat sequel slated for release early next year. The movie is being billed as Kazakhstan's answer to Sacha Baron Cohen's 2006 mockumentary Borat, which (among other things) depicted Kazakh culture as male chauvinistic and culturally backwards.

The movie succeeded in making Kazakhstan an international punchline and now, Kazakh director Erkin Rakishev wants to change that:

Our goal is to show the real Kazakhstan. Through the images in the background--the streets, the skyscrapers, the parks. This is what we want to show the international public. Hollywood, Twentieth Century Fox and Borat--I'll eat them alive. We might even shoot more films about Borat, who has a big crazy family. Let them sue me.

An interview with Rakishev working on-set has just been released:

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