Katie Couric: That Sexy 'Glee' Cover is 'Un-Glee-Like'

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The cast of 'Glee'--a TV show where people sing and learn lessons--is under fire today after the actors posed for a GQ photo spread in various states of undress. Not being regular viewers of the show, we're not equipped to judge whether Terry Richardson's photo of actress Lea Michele seductively consuming a lollipop runs contrary to the program's family-friendly brand. For this reason, we defer to the wisdom of CBS News anchor and regular Glee viewer Katie Couric, who deems the images "un-'Glee'-like" in a video posted to her CBS News blog.

"The program is already edgy in the right ways," continued Couric. "These images don't really, in my humble opinion, fit the Glee gestalt...as Mr. Schuester might say to the club, 'I'm really disappointed.'"

Whatever that means.