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Kanye West's new 34-minute film Runaway has been burning up the Internet thanks to the star turn of former Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks, who may or may not represent Kanye's career and who spends the entire flick wearing nothing but feathers pasted all over her anatomy. Love the boob plumage or hate it—as Gawker's Adrien Chen notes, the video "will seem genius to people who think Kanye West is a genius, and stupid to people who think Kanye West is stupid"—the rapper/director deserves credit for infusing Runaway with a rich and eclectic cinematic heritage.

Kanye has a track record of looking to unexpected sources for inspiration, and Dave Bry at The Awl points out Kanye's directorial nods to ten films, from that weird David Bowie movie The Man Who Fell to Earth to Twilight to The Firm. Our favorite? Campy classic Clash of the Titans.

As with any great masterwork, every commentator had a different lesson to draw:

Symbolism is a literary technique where you put a giant inflatable bust of Michael Jackson in a music video. #kanyewestlessonsless than a minute ago via web

that's the longest tofurkey ad i've ever seen #runaway #kanyeless than a minute ago via Power Twitter

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