Justin Bieber Hits 12-Year-Old Laser Tag Bully

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Justin Bieber went home to Canada this weekend hoping to relax and play laser tag. It didn't work out that way. Per TMZ, the 16 year-old pop heartthrob was repeatedly menaced by a 12 year-old (not believed to be a pop heartthrob), who singled Bieber out as a combatant during the game ("A violation of the code of honor of laser tag, if there is such a thing," notes TMZ) and later shouted homophobic slurs at the singer. According to reports, the antagonist then extended his hand to Bieber--whether as an act of anger or Canadian friendship remains unclear--but Bieber swatted it away and exited the facility. The incident was reported to the Royal Mountain Police, but MTV.com reports authorities have concluded that Bieber "did not instigate the confrontation with the tween."

Bieber, for his part, will reportedly use the incident to launch an anti-bullying campaign, presumably once he's done making fun of Tom Brady's haircut.

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