Have Your McWedding in Hong Kong

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For much the same reason that George Mallory wanted to climb Mount Everest, fast-food giant McDonald's will be going into the wedding business next January: "Because it's there." Of course, there's also the fact that Chinese couples apparently deluged the chain with requests to hold their wedding bashes. As a result, McDonald's will be introducing "nuptial packages" complete with golden-arches-themed accouterments, apple pie wedding cake, party balloons, kiddie party favors, and catered meals. These "McWeddings" (engagement parties and wedding anniversary packages), will only be available in Hong Kong.

How much will a super-sized McWedding set you back? Reportedly "a few thousand" Hong Kong dollars. Sadly, alcohol can't be served at these soirees--but there's probably a wide selection of diet sodas at the vending machines.

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