Franzen Wants U.K. Copies of His Book Destroyed

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One of this year's finest, most-debated books needs slightly more tweaking before it hits shelves in the U.K.  In a speech delivered in London on Thursday night, Jonathan Franzen reportedly stated that "British printers had mistakenly published an old draft," of his latest novel Freedom. The writer exhorted readers to hold off reading the book "until the correct version is released on Monday." The currently printed copy, he explained, drew on an old computer file. This version of Freedom, which was released earlier this week in Britain, may be pulped by the "thousands." But the author's announcement will undoubtedly send book collectors scurrying to eBay to get a hold of the soon-to-be limited-edition commodity.

For their part, the printing company responsible for Freedom passed on taking the blame for the error, claiming, "it did not originate with them."

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