Donald Duck Thinks Glenn Beck Makes Sense

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Donald Duck is known for being a bit of a hothead, and unlike his Scottish uncle Scrooge, he's never been shown to be especially wealthy. (Presumably, if he had more money, he could afford some pants.) Thus, it makes a kind of sense that Donald would gravitate toward Glenn Beck's everyman-friendly radio rhetoric. In a mashup cartoon by new-media blogger Jonathan McIntosh, Donald finds himself unemployed, facing homelessness, and battling the specter of a trigger-happy pollo in a sombrero. But Beck's voice is there to show him the way.

The Atlantic's Andrew Sullivan urges viewers to "watch till the very end. It helps make a little sense of why the GOP's incoherent populist claptrap may be beginning to backfire a little." Meanwhile, Gawker's Max Read isn't surprised to see Donald embracing Tea Party principles, since "he's angry, inarticulate, and white."

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