David Caruso: Basketball Prodigy

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Considering CSI: Miami star David Caruso's reported inability to drive, sit, or open a door while on-camera, you'd think a scene that calls for him to show up at a park, participate in a lighthearted pick-up basketball game with a heavyset teenager and assorted colleagues, and resolutely declare "This one's for Jesse" before sinking a 12-ft jump shot would be problematic. Miraculously, Caruso pulled all of this off in the final 30 seconds of this week's episode. What's more, he did it in a suit and loafers. (He removed his sunglasses for dramatic effect before his big shot, although sadly not in a dramatic way.)

We're not completely sure Caruso is the one who hit the basket (look how it cuts to a wide shot just as the ball is being released), but it doesn't matter now: the Clippers have already signed him to a 5-year contract.

(H/T to Eric Freeman and Bill Simmons)

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