C-SPAN Receives Most Racist Call-In Ever

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American Prospect blogger and occasional C-SPAN Washington Journal guest Adam Serwer has found what may well be one of the most racist call-ins ever to the C-SPAN show, which is notorious for getting bizarre calls about race. But it's more than that. As Serwer points out, both ends of the call are equally notable, because C-SPAN host Robb Harleston shows his "legendary professionalism" in responding to the caller.

During a show on the White House's dealing with Wall Street, a Florida called in to declare, "I'm 90 years old, and I just wanted to ask the colored man, why don't colored people, instead of saying what we did to them, why don't they say what we did for them." It doesn't get any better from there, and Harleston just doesn't flinch. Here's the video:

Their only real interaction comes when Harleston politely tells the caller that this particular show is about Wall Street, "and not necessarily one that's based on race."

"Oh, OK, I'm not a racist," she responds. "That was my comment." Harleston briskly moves along to the next call as if nothing had even happened.

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