Bieber to Tom Brady: Get a Haircut

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Sixteen-year-old Justin Bieber is rich, famous and has a haircut that makes him look like Janet Leigh. Naturally, this look has caught on among America's vain, trendy men, most notably with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, whose attempt at Bieber bangs (although we personally think his inspiration is Pink from Dazed and Confused) has emerged as one of the commented-upon subplots of the 2010 NFL season. Bieber himself addressed the controversy with a new YouTube rap—yes, rap. It seems the tiny Canadian isn't happy with the greatest quarterback of his generation ripping off his look.

"Call up Mr. Brady," snarls Bieber," "tell him leave his hair to the guy who sings Baby."

Boston Herald Patriots beat reporter Ian Rapoport tweeted the quarterback was "dumbfounded" when informed of the emerging Bieber beef.

Although not as dumbfounded as he would have been had he listened to Bieber's rap performance in its entirety, specifically the wee Canadian's assertion that he is "a raptor, tearing it up like a tractor."

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