Anderson Cooper Explains His Bunny Suit

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Yesterday, we asked why CNN host Anderson Cooper was tweeting photos of himself in a rabbit suit standing next to a bonobo enclosure. Now we have the answer. It seems that researchers at the Great Ape Trust, which Cooper was visiting for a story on the behavior of bonobos, often use the suit to interact with the apes. "Apparently, the bonobos like the bunny outfit," Cooper said on his show. Or at least that's what the researchers told Cooper to get him into the costume. "The whole thing was surreal. I still don't know what happened."

The researchers also told Cooper to give the bonobos "eggs, ice cubes, and pine needles," he said on his show. "I also gave them a ball and, boy oh boy, did they love that ball." When his co-host told him he looked "mighty fine" in the suit, Cooper blushed, responding, "I fill out a bunny suit pretty well." Here's the video:

Cooper said he felt compelled to explain the photos of himself in the suit, which caused widespread Internet speculation after he tweeted them. But the actual story that Cooper was working on is still forthcoming. "You can look for that report in the future. I'm not sure how we're going to incorporate the bunny suit."

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