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Last week, The New York Times unveiled its new opinion page and each columnist got an updated mugshot. For the news junkies who follow these columnists, it was kind of like waking up next to a new spouse after years of faithful marriage. Tom Friedman, you've changed!

With new mugshots, came new outfits and with new outfits came the fashion experts at Esquire magazine who have taken the time to analyze and critique the columnists' new looks. Starting with David Brooks, Esquire's Richard Dorment assesses whether each new mugshot is an "upgrade" or "downgrade." See all of them here.

David Brooks: Upgrade

He ditched his chunky tortoiseshell glasses in favor of something altogether more discreet, and he swapped out that unfortunate pink-on-pink tie-and-shirt combo for the tried-and-true pairing of a royal blue shirt and red tie. He looks positively Reagan-esque. (Ron Reagan Jr., but still.)

Thomas L. Friedman: Downgrade

Wow. Friedman could've worn almost anything and it would've been an improvement on his take on Steve Jobs cool. But between the folded hands ("Go on, I'm listening") and his too-casual jacket, he actually manages to take a step back.
All this mugshot analysis got us thinking about what other pundits could use a new picture. Here's our list of the most readily apparent candidates:

Charles Krauthammer

About time to ditch the mock turtleneck?

Nouriel Roubini

Your columns are terrifying. Your mugshot doesn't have to be.

Harold Meyerson

Are you selling readers ideas or pre-owned automobiles?

Tim Fernholz

Actually, never mind. If your boss says they're ok, who are we to protest?

Kathleen Parker

You struck a great pose for CNN. Why keep WaPo in the '70s?

The Wall Street Journal

Hire a photographer, already.

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