Jamie Lee Curtis Slams 'Overrated' Betty White

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Betty White may be 88 years old but that doesn't mean she can't stir the jealousies of her younger female peers. On the Today show Tuesday, Jamie Lee Curtis appeared with co-hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb to hawk her new children's book, My Mommy Hung the Moon. When Gifford noted that Betty White has two books coming up, Curtis smirked "You know, she's not that funny."

It sounded like a joke until Curtis persisted.

"Anytime Betty White walks into a room hilarity ensues," deadpanned Curtis. "I mean her eyes are blue but..."

"That's really about it," added Kotb.

"No I think maybe even overrated would be a word for Betty White," Curtis said.

Trying to sugar coat the put-down, Giffered offered, "Overexposed perhaps?"

"Oh definitely," Curtis said with relish.

Of course, Curtis can't be faulted for saying what's on everybody's mind. But ripping on Betty White's blue eye-shadow? The lady's pushing 90 for crying out loud. Bad form.

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