Courtney Love Wants to Write for The New Yorker

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Grunge icon Courtney Love has at least one thing in common with any aspiring young writer: she really, really wants to get her short story published in The New Yorker. Love, a self-described "Tolstoy of Text" (because she prefers to write "epically" long messages using proper English), informed New York's Daily Intel about her longing to write short fiction. And with her admission she joins ranks with Kanye West as one of the most surprising celebrities to be paired with the venerable high-brow magazine. "It's time for me to go more public," she told Daily Intel. "I have to get it together and finish this damn story that The New Yorker, by the way, does not know is coming. They may reject me, I don’t know. But I’m aiming for that. And I want to be published. It’s time — I’m 46."

She may have more reason to hope than the average moleskine scribe. "On occasion," she's submitted her poetry to publications with "limited success."

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