Yoko Ono vs. Mark David Chapman

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As one might expect, Yoko Ono does not care for Mark David Chapman, the killer of her late husband John Lennon. But how does one punish a man already behind bars? Ono writes letters to the parole board every time he comes up for release. That's what she did this week for the sixth time since Chapman first came up for parole in 2000. The letters are civil, as Time's Megan Friedman explains:

Ono said she tries to be practical in her letters, noting the danger to herself, her children and Chapman himself if he is released. So far four letters have been received advising against his parole, and two have been received that advocate his release.

Meanwhile, Chapman's doing well for himself, at least by Attica standards. AOL's Lauren Frayer reports Chapman has his own quarters separate from the general prison population, "has a job as a prison housekeeper" and "for the past 20 years has also been allowed conjugal visits with his wife, Gloria."

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