Princeton Review Names UGA Top Party School

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The University of Georgia topped the Princeton Review's 2010-2011 Top Party School list, a fact that isn't sitting so well with some voices on the Internet. To hear them tell it, every school except Georgia has a legitimate claim to the party school title. Among the aggrieved parties:

  • The University of New Hampshire UNH didn't even register in the 2010-2011 rankings, but try telling that to the folks at "I know that I have fun when I go out at night, and that is all the really matters. We don't need outsiders ranking our parties, because we know that they are awesome and plentiful."
  • The University of Texas UT cracked the top ten, but school partisans were more inflamed about the inclusion of rival Missouri. "Missouri a party school? Who are they kidding?" asked one incredulous Austinite in the comments section of the Austin American-Statesmen. "The last great party there was Bid Day Bash 1990."
  • The University of Colorado Michael Roberts of Denver Westword claims critical statements made last week about the list's methodology by University of Colorado-Boulder president Bruce Benson were responsible for the school falling out of the top 10. Roberts lays out the conspiracy theory in convincing detail:
Why, then, did Benson decide to attack the Princeton Review's methodology days ahead of this info dump? Did he anticipate that the news would be terrible and was trying to deflect it in advance? Did he know CU had actually improved -- from a parents' standpoint, presumably, rather than a hard-boozing, dope-smoking high schoolers' perspective -- and figured the university would actually look even better if locals were expecting the worst? Or does he think CU deserves to rank higher when it comes to liquor and pot, and he's disappointed not to make the top five in either category?
  • The Ohio State University The fact that in-state rival Ohio University clocked in at number two on the newest list rubbed Ohio State backers the wrong way. Writes 'FunkMessiah' in the Cleveland Plain-Dealer's comments section:
This is a Travesty. Back in my hey-day (the early 2000s) OSU was able to contend in these kinds of surveys partly due to the unstoppable Buckeyes of that era... Then they demolished all the bars and replaced them with Whole Foods stores and smoothie shops... and raised GPA standards to an ungodly 3.5+....

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