Obamas Have Terrible Taste in Cocktails

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Since the 2008 presidential campaign, President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama have become known for their high-living, some might even say cosmopolitan, lifestyle. There's the life of international travel, most recently to Spain, the arugula runs to Whole Foods, the locavore White House chef, and the scandalously "exotic" home state of Hawaii. So just how posh did the Obamas get on their recent trip to the Maine resort town of Mt. Desert Island? Not very posh at all, says disappointed cocktail expert and occasional Atlantic writer Wayne Curtis.

Curtis visits the Mt. Desert Island bar Havana, which he says is known for "some of the best drinks and food on the island," about a month after the Obamas had stopped in there for a drink. Curtis says the caipirinha is especially "superb." Naturally, as a cocktail expert, he was "curious" what the Obamas had ordered. So he found out. And it was bad, bad news.

I asked the owner. Beer? Wine? Cocktails?

Oh, cocktails, he said.

And what did they order, I asked? One of the bar's great mojitos? Something a bit more adventurous?

Oh, no. Grey Goose martinis.

Not that this travesty needs any explanation, but Curtis makes his feelings clear by headlining his post "Say it ain't so, O!" Still, Curtis must at least be happy that President George W. Bush, a teetotaler, is no longer besmirching the White House with ginger-ale nightcaps.

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