Lindsey Lohan Out of Rehab 68 Days Early: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Maybe she's been getting a bum rap

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Lindsay Lohan's whirlwind tour of the American justice system concluded yesterday with her early release from a court-ordered rehab stint. Lohan was transferred to the inpatient facility 23 days ago after serving 13 days worth of a 90 day jail sentence for violating probation on an earlier DUI charge. What could possibly go wrong releasing a star-crossed celebrity from rehab 68 days early? A smattering of opinions:

  • Momentum Lohan is coming out of rehab with a full head of steam, argues AOL's David Knowles. After UCLA doctors declared that Lohan had been misdiagnosed with ADHD, there's a case to be made that "Lohan has actually been getting a bum rap from reporters all along." At the very least, Knowles contends, the misdiagnosis revelation should quell the "allegations of preferential treatment" that persisted "throughout [Lohan's] legal ordeals." Additional fuel for the Lohan redemption narrative, according to Knowles: the fact that "for once in what seems like a long time the actress has two hotly anticipated films on the way: the gory, R-rated revenge film 'Machete,' in which she plays a supporting role as a gun-toting Catholic nun...and "Inferno," a biopic about porn actress Linda Lovelace, in which she plays the starring role."
  • Viable Again Pop Eater's John Mitchell says the discovery of Lohan's ADHD misdiagnosis immediately eases the logistical concerns that had been costing her roles. Explains Mitchell:
Before any Hollywood production gets off the ground, insurance on all actors involved must be in place to protect the project. When actors cause trouble on or off set or are known to suffer from drug or alcohol problems, they become difficult, if not impossible, to insure, rendering them unemployable. Without evidence to the contrary, it was suspected that Lohan suffered from a host of addiction issues, which made her a risk to any production she was involved in.
An Adderall-free Lohan is playing an entirely different ball game. Producers no longer need to worry about the risks associated with hiring her. Her health, it seems, is in order (we can't speak to her behavior, she still has a lot to prove in that department), and official medical evidence exists to corroborate what she's been saying all along - that she no longer suffers from a drug or alcohol abuse problem (recall that she has previously received treatment for a variety of issues).
  • The Lady Doth Protest Too Much The Minneapolis Star-Tribune's Jason Lileks doesn't buy the image of Lohan as a victim. "Keep in mind," he notes, "she was arrested for drunk driving, and got in trouble because she didn't show up for court dates." Lileks concedes "clinical trials have established that 'irresponsibility and a sense of entitlement' are side effects of Adderall," but thinks Lohan is at least partially responsible. If amphetamine addiction is the only reason famous people ever behave badly, surely "half of Hollywood would have to be popping them like Pez."
  • Empire State of Mind Lohan's planned move to New York is the key to her reinvention, writes Douglas Quenqua in The New York Times. While she will have to live a "straight life, a struggle that goes beyond image rehab," Quenqua says the city is uniquely suited to meet Lohan's needs. "The promise of reinvention lies at the heart of New York," writes Quenqua. It is "a place one can simultaneously get lost and be discovered. Historically, that has attracted not just the unknown in search of fame, but the infamous seeking redemption."
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