Lindsay Lohan's Brief Taste of Freedom

The scofflaw actress goes directly from jail to rehab

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Thirteen days after entering Central Regional Detention Facility on a parole violation stemming from her 2007 drunk driving arrest, former future star Lindsay Lohan was released from jail early Monday morning. But the news wasn't all good for Lohan--per a judge's orders, she was immediately transferred to a rehab facility, where she will spend the next 90 days. Here's what people are saying about LiLo's brief taste of freedom.

  • A Sedate Scene New York Magazine's Chris Rovzar writes that the release failed to incite the media free-for-all that occurred when Paris Hilton was sprung from jail back in 2007. When Hilton was released, recalls Rovzar, she was greeted by "the applause of throngs of paparazzi and (clearly demented) fans." A possible reason? At least when Hilton emerged from prison, Rovzar argues, "she could be pretty confident that her life could only go uphill from there," a luxury not afforded the rehab-bound Lohan.

  • Rehab Controversy Lohan's initial rehab destination was nixed, writes Time's Dan Fletcher:

Lohan was originally scheduled to serve her rehab time at Morningside Recovery in Orange County, Calif., but a judge nixed that plan on concerns that the facility wasn't secure enough and that it'd be too easy for drugs to get into the facility. Instead, Lohan is headed to an undisclosed location in Los Angeles, thought to be at the UCLA Medical Center.

  • No Cure for Family PopEater's Rob Shuter called Judge Marsha Revel's decision to transfer Lohan to rehab a "surprise move," but thinks rehab, in Lohan's case, will only go so far. "While holed up at UCLA, Lindsay will be taught how to make new friends and cut out those friends who are a bad influence," writes Shuter. "The only problem is, it's much easier to make new friends than family."

  • A Career In Decline? At The Wrap, Dylan Stableford says three months in rehab could cost Lohan the one project she had in development.

The only thing she had solidly lined up post-incarceration was playing Linda Lovelace in the biopic 'Inferno,' and now she might have to swallow losing that role, too. Her rehab stint conflicts with production starting in August and, according to one report, Sarah Scott-- recently seen on 'Nip/Tuck' and 'True Blood' -- will take over the role of the troubled 'Deep Throat' porn star.

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