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Kanye West only follows one person on Twitter: Steven Holmes of Coventry, England, who is in no way famous and has never had any interaction with the rap star. The world may never know why West decided to follow the 19-year-old British student, but it's been quite a journey for Holmes, who has attracted what he says is unwanted international attention from the media and rap fans. Holmes gave only one interview, to the local Coventry Telegraph, before shutting out the press:

I was like, 'Oh my God!', but about 20 seconds later I had 20 messages from people I didn’t even know and my phone wouldn’t stop bleeping.

It’s crazy. I’m getting messages from people I don’t even know.

A guy wanted me to look at his film trailer and people have been sending me links to their music demos – as if I have some sort of influence over Kanye West. The funny thing is I like his music but I’m not his biggest fan.

Before this weekend I thought it would be cool to have a celebrity following me on Twitter but now I think it’s really not worth it.

Holmes took shots at "celebrity culture," saying, "I didn’t want to talk to any of them. Fame has never appealed to me. It’s vacuous." After the story was published, Holmes bid adieu to the world on--where else--Twitter:

This has been completely surreal and I really have no desire for this attention i'm just a normal person.less than a minute ago via web

I won't be speaking to anybody else, surprisingly not everyone wants to be famous. That's all I'm saying - peace out xless than a minute ago via web

Just to clarify, I mean I won't be speaking to any more press/journalistsless than a minute ago via web

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