Jaws Drop at Federer's Between-the-Legs Winner

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In a moment quickly dubbed by media tweeters "magic", "amazing" and "RIDICULOUS", the 16-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer wowed audiences with a between-the-legs winner in an first round match-up at the 2010 US Open. The shot, which mortals might find miraculous, is becoming a sort of trademark for the tennis star, who produced a similar spectacle several times, most notably in the semifinals of last year's Open against the formidable Novak Djokovic. In any case, Federer's real-life theatrics make his widely-circulated and possibly faked 'William Tell' viral video pale in comparison. Giddy Pundits weigh in on the U.S. Open's most memorable shot (so far):

  • He Makes This Trickery Look Easy  gushes Paul Wachter at AOL News. Still, he notes, "it's worth pointing out that the shot doesn't always work. In 2005, he employed it in a crucial moment of his semifinal against Marat Safin; the shot didn't cross the net, and Safin went on to win the match and the tournament."
  • 'Dear Roger, You Can Stop Now. We Surrender' writes Tom Perrotta at The Wall Street Journal, who wondered if this was Federer's way of saying "Don't Doubt Me." He marvels: "What will he do next? Hit a forehand into the stands, around the umpire's chair and into the corner for a winner? Make a ball stop in midair, drop over the net and roll without bouncing? Anything is possible."
  • He Advanced With Flair reported Diane Pucin at The Los Angeles Times. Federer was quoted as saying, "I don't think I can do this again" although he did say, referencing his viral 'William Tell' video, "that he would not try to knock the can off anyone's head by hitting between his legs."
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