Is 'Angelina' the Worst Book of the 21st Century?

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Andrew Morton is no stranger to bad reviews. That's to be expected when you write tell-alls on Monica Lewinsky, Princess Diana, and Tom Cruise. But is his new Angelina Jolie biography the worst book of the century? According to Salon's Allen Barra, it's a question worth considering. Writes Barra of "Angelina":

"Angelina" couldn't really be called, in the words of a friend of mine (an unnamed friend, a mutual friend, a writer, a psychologist who has mingled in the Brad, Angie and Jennifer circle), "a journalistic disgrace," because this is not journalism. The real disgrace is that this book is printed by a major publisher and is being referred to by some of the media as if it has some legitimacy. It's too early to call "Angelina" the worst book of 2010. I can, however, call it, with some assurance, the worst book in the 21st century so far.

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