Facebook Should Add a 'Meh' Button

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Ever since Facebook introduced the "like" button in April, users have called for a corresponding "dislike" button. Reason being: thousands of Facebook users submit banal status updates or lousy articles every day—there should be a way to express one's disgust.

Unfortunately for "dislike" advocates, Facebook has refused to introduce such a button. But is it possible they'd be willing to add a "meh" button conveying resigned indifference? A commenter at the website Boing Boing offers this wonderful icon to Facebook's design team, saying "I couldn't help whipping this up":

What do you think? Should Facebook add a "meh" button? Comedian and "PC guy" John Hodgman most likely thinks not. 

Update: A team of pioneering Facebook app developers liked the "meh" idea so much they created their own third-party app:

The Atlantic's own tech blogger  Niraj Chokshi tested it out and apparently it "works" although not very well. Turns out, every time you click the "meh" button it registers your vote—allowing an individual user to "meh" something 10,000 times or more. That's a lot of indifference.

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