Conservatives Irate Over Levi Johnston's Reality Show

"Go away, Levi"

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Over the last year and a half, Levi Johnston's endless exposure in the media has done little but embarrass Sarah Palin. So when Johnston publicly apologized to the Palin family for saying things that "were not completely true," Palin supporters hoped he'd fade away for a while. Turns out, that's not happening. According to Variety, Johnston is running for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska while simultaneously starring in a reality TV show chronicling his campaign. The show's called Loving Levi and it's absolutely infuriating conservatives who want him to go away.

  • Does This Really Have Commercial Appeal? asks a bewildered Jim Geraghty at National Review: "Who -- no, really, who -- is itching to watch this? I get that Palin-haters have kept 'Ricky Hollywood' on his level of sorta-fame for about two years now, but are they really going to sit down and watch a reality series about him? Sure, they'll tune in for about five minutes of 'Yuk yuk, can you believe he knocked up Palin's daughter?' but I can't imagine they're all that interested in Levi for the sake of Levi."
  • He's a 'Fame-Whore,' writes Allahpundit at Hot Air: "Alternate headline: 'Jon Gosselin no longer the biggest D-bag to have his own reality show.'"
  • This Is Vintage Levi, writes Jim Treacher at Daily Caller:  "Being a two-faced jackass is Levi’s nature, and it’s ridiculous to think he’s going to change. A mere month ago he was apologizing to the Palins for being a big fat liar. Since then he’s reconciled with Bristol Palin, broken up again when she found out he’s filming a music video mocking her family, there’s maybe another illegitimate kid or two thrown in there, and now this... Even I have more self-respect than this guy, and I’m a blogger."
  • Look at the Bright Side, writes Ace of Spades writes: "Guy knows like two things-- attacking Sarah Palin and knocking up and abandoning teenaged girls. I guess we should be thankful the show's about the first one."
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