Condé Nast Going Into Restaurant Business

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Many magazines are shifting gears, attempting to evolve into multi-platform businesses that enhance their venerable print brands. In this sometimes awkward transitional phase, few zany ideas haven't been tried at least once. Now Condé Nast, purveyor of such iconic brands as Wired, The New Yorker and Vogue, is taking its success with the iPad to the logical next level: the restaurant business.

Yes, following in the footsteps of a Rolling Stone restaurant, and the experimental Vogue cafe in Moscow (and a unintentionally prescient, and hilarious, Slate article), the august media company has decided to make the leap into the culinary industry. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Condé Nast will open restaurants bearing familiar magazine titles in Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

If you're hoping to see a New Yorker Cafe (serving "dry, witty takes on American classics") anytime soon in the States, don't hold your breath. No magazine-themed U.S. restaurants are planned.

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