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The New Orleans Saints, Super Bowl champions, visited the White House today. Twitter breathlessly updated America on the pigskin-related pomp and circumstance.

The AP made sure nobody thought the president actually got to have any fun.

At 11a ET: President welcomes Super Bowl champion Saints to White House...Talks about oil spill...Christian aid group to stay in Afghanistanless than a minute ago via web

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy let it be known the Saints were also quite busy today.

big day for Saints. @ White House now, then off to Walter Reed to visit military members (via @Official_Saints)less than a minute ago via web

MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Lacewell scored an invite...

Wow just saw my black Prez congratulate New Orleans Saints as Super Bowl champs. Thinking I better watch for flying pigs. #unlikelystuffless than a minute ago via Twitterrific

...while the Cajun Boy was left out in the cold.

Oh God I'm gonna tear up watching my Saints in the White House.less than a minute ago via web

CBS White House correspondent Peter Maer got some poor advance man fired.

Will White House risers hold? Major tonnage on stage behind Pres.Obama as #Superbowl champ New Orleans #Saints are honored in the East Room.less than a minute ago via web

Football Outsiders' Michael Tanier hoped the Saints still had a sense of humor.

Obama gives Saints cabinet positions: Reggie Bush, Financial Ethics Advisor.less than a minute ago via web

Saints fullback Heath Evans had a disquieting vision of his future.

Sitting outside 1 of the 17 security checks to get to the White House! This is what my house will look like when my girls r 16 & 13. #fbless than a minute ago via txt

CBS Radio's Mark Knoller saw cynical political motives everywhere he turned.

Before leaving WH, Pres. Obama used New Orleans Saints event to trumpet successful top kill cement procedure on BP oil well.less than a minute ago via web

Fred Thompson got in a pretty great zinger.

Super Bowl champ Saints visit White House. Next time Obama's surrounded by a winning team, it'll beĀ  Congressional Republicans. #ftrs #tcotless than a minute ago via web

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