Wyclef Jean Weighs Presidential Run in Haiti

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Haitian-American musician Wyclef Jean is considering running for president in Haiti, reports CNN's Sara Holbrooke. "I can't sing forever," Jean told CNN when asked about political ambitions. He said that he was still uncertain but that he had already filled out the paperwork required for a presidential candidacy. Holbrooke says the story first emerged in a French-language newspaper:

The Canadian publication Le Droit reported over the weekend that Jean would be throwing his hat into the political ring in his native homeland. But Jean told CNN that such reports reflect him being "drafted" but he hasn't decided for sure yet.

One interviewed Haitian pointed out to Le Droit that, because he is independently wealthy, Jean is in a unique position to battle the corruption that has plagued Haitian politics for years. Others noted that Jean has a long history of philanthropic work in Haiti, especially after the devastating earthquake earlier this year. However, Jean's charity, Yele Haiti Foundation, was mired in charges of suspicious finances, a poor track record of providing relief, and ineffective management. Should Jean really run?

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