Video: Wild-Eyed Fox Business Debate Hits Every Issue of 2010 in 6 Minutes

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Evening cable news loves the debate format because it allows them to inject drama and conflict into otherwise straightforward news coverage. Evening cable news also loves segments that connect as many disparate issues as possible into one discussion because it makes the segment interesting to as many people as possible. This recent Fox Business debate fulfills both missions to an extreme that most cable news producers can only dream about.

Fox Business had on Michelle Dallacroce, founder of the improbably named Veteran Mothers Against Illegal Amnesty, and Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Director of the Center for Terrorism Research at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. The six minute shout fest began with U.S. border security and the recent terror attacks in East Africa, two issues that are themselves not substantially related. But it didn't stop there. By The Atlantic Wire's count, their debate hit on nearly every major issue of 2010 so far except for the oil spill and the firing of General Stanley McChrystal. Those issues are:

  • Somalia
  • Terrorism
  • U.S. Border Security
  • Sept. 11, 2001
  • Health Care Reform
  • Smuggling
  • Who Has The Most Balls
  • Illegal Immigration
  • Economic Stimulus
  • Ground Zero Mosque
  • Arizona Immigration Law

As a bonus, Michelle Dallascroce gets a nice shot in at the end where she accuses Daveed Gartenstein-Ross of secretly aiding the Somali terrorist group al-Shabaab.

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